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Grilled Cheese

I won't try to convince you that I am a very health conscious person. Despite the fact that I work in the health care industry, being health conscious sounds kindda sheepish to me. I don't buy into the organic myth and I live with the thought that I live only once. I'm definitely not encouraging this to be a frequent meal repertoire, but it's just those days when you need some trash food to feel more affirm with yourself... especially after a trashy day.

Below is one of those 10 minutes dinner I fix for myself whenever no one is around at home for dinner or when I'm just pure desperate for trash food.

Grilled Cheese (For 1 person)

2 slices of white bread (Don't use wheat bread... life doesn't work that way.)
About 6 thin slices of Mozzarella Cheese
About 6 thin slices of Cheddar Cheese
White pepper for seasoning
Tabasco Sauce / Dried chili flakes for taste

Preheat oven to 200 degree Celsius. Place the bread on a tray and arrange the Mozzarella cheese on top first, covering surface area of the bread as much as possible. Top with Cheddar and season with white pepper. Place right under the oven grill for about 10 minutes till the cheeses are burnished and meltingly bubbling, and the edges of the bread are darken and toasted. Remove tray after baking and add a few drops of Tabasco for a devilishly hot grilled cheese.

Although Mozzarella is a very bland cheese, there isn't any salt as the Cheddar is there for the taste, and please don't even think of using crap like Kraft. I always get proper Cheddar and Mozzarella and I know it doesn't mean something more healthy. If the thought of eating grilled cheese really appalls you, then perhaps you might wanna slice some tomatoes or mushrooms and put them below the cheese, then some basil on top after grilling. If not, eat with a light salad and some fruits after... and perhaps a run the next day.

It's sort of like a quick Margarita Pizza fix for me and goes so good with an ice cold beer. I know about the fats and grease and cheese but... you just have to understand that underneath every lady's heart is a starving animal from hell thrashing itself against that white hot iron cage =)


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