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Pineapple experiment #1

In continuation of the new blings in the kitchen saga, today's post features something more cheery looking yet more lethal to the hand. That is... my new yolk yellow pastry cutter.

Actually, this has been in my pantry for years. How long? I don't remember but I know it has been sitting in the drawer for quite a while. Heck, I don't even remember when and where I bought it but the color is definitely not very me. It's pretty rare that I would choose something bright like this cause given what I know about myself, I would usually go with normal colors like white or black. But anyway, I remember stating in one of the old post that pineapple tart week was to reroll again. Well, here it goes.

My pineapple tart sale this CNY was a complete fiasco. I don't know whether anyone has the cheek to admit this or not but... I've screw up myself so badly I think there's a huge hole in my pants. Customers were quoted saying "I taste the flour, the pineapple is sour, everything was horrible!" Not exactly the kind of thing you wanna hear during CNY. You can imagine the kind of expectations being shouldered and then with chilling cold water splashing all over like River Nile.

Still I don't think it's time to give up. I may not be selling pineapple tarts for quite a while but still the whole project will go full blast in the kitchen. I've twig the recipe around, adjust the amount of yolks and butter used and made them with leftover pineapple jam froze during CNY.

The dough came out well and fragrant, quite similar to my old recipe but still there are much more rooms for improvement. After baking and after tasting, mom said it's exactly the one I use to make but oh come on... all mothers are encouraging aren't they?

Worse is the how long the tarts can remain fresh. My old recipe yield tarts that remain crunchy (wonder what's the right word) for days but this one completely turns soggy and air out after like 3 days. The filling really suck and all I can say to myself is 'Katherine, please get a proper grater soon!'. But well let's be reasonable... that filling has been stash in the freezer since CNY!

But anyway bout the pastry cutter. Hey it's pretty good! Slice up the cold butter nicely and gives you exactly what you want in a dough within few squirts. But have to be careful as the blades are pretty sharp and I almost cut myself with that.

So yea. This time round's tarts are not as awesome as I want them to be, but still it's considered a good start. At least it has got the texture I want. Anyway, definitely more pineapple tart experiments to come and absolutely more new bling related posts. In fact I already have 3 drafts sitting in my folder waiting to show off =D

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