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Banana Ice Cream

Isn't it creepy how time flies sometimes? I kept having the thought that I just posted here not long ago but damn, the previous post was dated 12th September and it's already 18th October! Freaky or what? Time just crept by so silently that you don't even notice... it's like the whole month didn't even happen. What on earth was I busy with is still a mystery...

Haha anyway. I have so much to update about. But let me just starlet you a little with another Less Than 5 Ingredients Recipe. And I kid you not... It's ice cream.

2-3 Ingredients Only Banana Ice Cream

4 large Bananas
1 tbsp Peanut Butter
2 tsp Cocoa Powder (optional for non chocolate version)

It's gonna start out like you are blitzing kidney stones but it'll smooth out

Slice bananas thinly and freeze in a ziplock bag. When frozen, put the frozen bananas in the food processor and wait till you get a thick and soft serve liked banana puree (About 3-4 minutes). Add in the cocoa if using and blitz again till everything is well combined. You may eat the soft serve as it is or let the ice cream harden further in a tupperware.

I came across this recipe on a health magazine few months ago and I can't tell you how many times I've made this. Bananas is like a absolute must have item in my house but sometimes parents bought too much and it's such a pain to see them grow black. You can't be churning out banana bread every week (another post) so it's really a good way to use up ripen banana and to deal with the recent toaster oven weather. it's really unbelievable that you can make ice cream in such a way but damn it really works.

My family prefers the cocoa version as they are not a big fan of peanut butter as much as me and it's really great for people with diabetics or trying to cut down on sugar intake. Especially so in my case when my oven is churning out sweet bakes on weekly basis. Next time, I'll probably use Nutella *evil grins* :P


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