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on search and on trials

i know that CNY is 'more or less over' and no one would still be baking now, but i had a bit of pineapple jam stash in my freezer left. so while yesterday (after all the hectic visitings, people coming and finally cleared all the trash at home and the fridge) i thought some therapeutic baking might do me some good.

as mentioned in the previous post my pineapple tart sale went terribly wrong this year, i am very determined to get back what i had lost. so CNY resolution no.1: create my own pineapple tarts recipe for the 2nd time. but you can't just create something out of the air right? so i went around to other online baker's blog to try out their recipe. so far, i have tried Aunty Yochana and some other blogs which got no names o.O. i would say Aunty Yochana's one is good when baked, but then after a few days the tarts go slightly stale (limpy, fragrant gone etc). no offence to any of her supporters out there... perhaps i had some mistakes or something.

the next one (which is the one i tried yesterday) was Happy Home Baker's. the dough came out feeling pretty right, i added in milk powder and i made the boring little balls into little Roselle. well simply because i am looking for a therapeutic baking session. it's pretty nice, sitting in the kitchen on a quiet sat afternoon, listening to music and just making little balls of roses. when my mom was the one doing the baking, all her tarts and cookies MUST go through that little picker for extra designs. but of course mine is not as nice as hers lah. i dunno how she can manage to clip so many folds out of a tiny little tart and i just don't have that kind of patience. should have taken pictures of it but oh well, there's always next year =)

anyway back to the tarts... GOD THEY WERE LOVELY! definitely different from my own recipe (which is freakin lost now) this is more on the crumbly and buttery side. the milk powder sadly didn't do any wonders (so i think i will add more) and perhaps like what the original baker said, a bit of icing sugar is needed even when i prefer my pastry skin more on the savory side.

all in all i will say it's pretty good. but still the quest of my own recipe continues....


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