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Let there be a serious amount of alcohol!

Oh so you think one comment is going to tie me down forever and let my homepage start off with a nasty post? No way! Pfff, that's not even pinching a single tiny bent to my food blogging force. The force of the kitchen is strooooong =)

Still the alcoholic streak continues but not the bling part. I figured I should tone down that bling tone cause I'm turning into a kitchen whore very soon. On the day I bought the spatulas and discovered the $7 baby whisk that I bought over amazon for $20, I saw something very very precious on the counter... a huge ass bottle of Madagascar vanilla pod. I think the lady boss of Pantry Magic was kindda amused by my reaction that day cause I literally screamed with excitement.

So what I did? Grab one and rush to the supermarket, grab a small bottle of cheap vodka and Home made Vanilla extract here I come!!!

I've done extensive research online and discovered that you can actually make your own vanilla extract at home. I doubt I am one of those first few to try in Singapore but seriously, I kindda give up buying whatever extracts from outside. They are expensive and I literally have to depend on their stock availability. Just when you think you found something really special and natural from Madagascar, everywhere and everyone is using it like soap and shampoo everyday. Pfff. I'll make my own. Plus, continuous flow of good vanilla extract for eternity!

It's very simple. Just get a couple of good vanilla pods (Don't bother about the Indonesia ones) slit into half and drop into a bottle of cheap vodka. Ratio wise, you can choose to look up the net but I just go by eye. If the vanilla pods are too little (There's no such thing as too much pods) for my bottle, I'll just get more pods and add on. They said it's fine to do that anyway.

But still that's not all. For the first week, you gotta shake the bottle well every single day. Then subsequently you can shake it whenever possible, up till 3 months. But of course, the longer you steep the bottle, the better it gets. I intend to leave mine till Christmas.

Besides the vanilla extract, blueberries were on sale too and I bought another big bottle of vodka to make blueberry Beauregard for my ex boss at the pub. It's just basically soaking fruits (usually berries) in a bottle of vodka and let the flavor and color fused together for months.

Again, very simple. Grab a bottle of average vodka, pour out about a cup (use that cup to make the vanilla extract if you like, in my case I drank everything with Ribena and coke) Drop the blueberries into the bottle one at a time and when you are done, give the bottle a real good shake everyday for the first week. Then you leave the bottle in somewhere cool and dry for 3 months to a year, shaking it every now and then and let the magic begin....

This, is the bottle just after 3 days. This little project was done on 25th March and I have already given the bottle to my boss like 1 month ago. Man you should have see that deep dark magenta color. He was quite fascinated by this gift as no one would actually steep their own vodka. So basically, this makes a very good gift!

Oh my god just think bout the amount of cookies I can bake with that bottle of vanilla extract during Christmas!!! I did keep a small bottle of Beauregard and can't wait to taste it in August. Next one, Strawberry vodka! Doesn't take a genius to think up with that but keep watching!


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Comments: Oh my god woman whoever the hell that was deserves to die! but seriously don't drink too much yea? You havent feed me enough yet =P

posted by Anonymous Johan aka you know who :P : July 15, 2010 at 9:57 PM
  Omg Johan!! Miss you la! Lol Don't worry I will not die until I see you grow fatter than me. XD

posted by Blogger Katherine : July 16, 2010 at 8:48 PM
  hi there

Where did you got your vanilla pods and for how much?

posted by Anonymous Michelle : July 29, 2010 at 4:03 AM
  Hi Michelle

I got my pods from Pantry Magic. Bought them at $16 per 2 pods.

posted by Blogger Katherine : July 30, 2010 at 8:59 PM
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