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Let there be Alcohol!

I have a thing for alcohol. But the thing about alcohol is that it has bad associations. Tell people you use alcohol all the time, they give you the look like you are some kind of troubled teenager with family issues and developed some alcohol problems. But no. It's very unfair to alcohol... it didn't do anything wrong! It's just merely an edible substance that we humans stupidly devour without much conscience and responsibility (aka ex-me). But of course gone were the days when I can afford to skip a day of school, throw the covers over and say 'Fuck it, I'm gonna stay drunk all night.' Now with a day job, the kid just gotta learn to GROW UP.

Aside from all the awesome effects of alcohol, it really brings out the best of other ingredients in the same pot. Think of wine and I imagine a pot of stew or casserole, with the meat tenderised and sweeten by the sweet concord of fermented grapes. Think of a fruity or nutty liquer like Creme de Lychee or frangelico, I immediately thought of those wonderful creamy puddings in Nigella books. Worse... think of Baileys. It totally spells chocolate eggs and sugar for me.

Yes. 3rd spatula I bought this month *Bling*

As much as I can, I try to bring in the alcoholic element into my bakes. But not because I am a total alcohol fanatic, but I find that alcohol compliment the flour, the eggs, the sugar, the vanilla etc very very well. Make some plain vanilla cupcakes with some fruit liqueur butter cream and you'll see what I mean.

Don't you find the blue contrasting the dark chocolate brown so perfectly?

These, started off as very very simple Texas Fudge from Cookie Baker Lynn's blog. I made this on several occasions and I've got people bleeding chocolate out from it. It's so good, I have this with a scoop of ice cream just as dinner on nights I'm alone at home. But good things can get better, especially with Baileys in it. Oh how I freaking love Baileys. It's definitely one of my favorite favorite liquer in this world other than Advocat and Cointreau. The list definitely goes on but for now, let's just talk bout the fudge shall we?

I made the cake part as usual but added some Baileys to the fudge icing... SO GOOD. You know what, I'm gonna add in some orange zest and some Cointreau next =D

Yeah that's me... in the kettle's reflection =(

Btw, I kindda seem stupid to mention this only at the end of my post but yea... 3 Bling related posts in a row!!! I'm a total spoilt kitchen whore yay!!!!

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