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CNY Bakes 2010

perhaps the most slowest blogger ever, i am only posting my CNY bakes now. well there's definitely the usual like my Sunflower cookies and my pineapple tarts (or rather pastry or whatever) but this year, i was feeling a little adventurous.

i tried out Nutella Cookies from here and may i say, that it was really superb. i totally omitted the brown sugar and the nutella flavor was pretty strong! very yummy and i really love how home these cookies looked.

another one would be cornflake cookies. note that i have never eaten any store bought or home baked cornflake cookies before and i totally dunno how a good cornflake cookie should be. but then hey... no harm trying something you totally have no idea about right? anyway i tried this recipe and hell it's good! i mean at least to me... love the bit of chew in the middle mingling with the crunchiness of the cornflakes... definitely a keeper! only problem i faced is that perhaps i rolled them a little too big, and because i was using plain flour maybe i had added too much baking soda and baking powder. but still, even my dad who doesnt really appreciate my bakings said it's good.

and before i end this post... well let's just say due to some episodes that occured recently, my CNY bake sale didn't go as smoothly as it was. to those who were disappointed i am truly sorry and i promise next year would be good. but before i go....



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