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yummy brownies!

today... i baked brownies for my class chalet! =D

been quite a long time since i last baked brownies... heh to say the truth, this is actually my 2nd time baking brownies! haha unbelievable right?... haiz think from this you can tell how new i am to the pastry world...

well anyway. the steps of brownies are quite similar to the brownie cookies that i often bake for sales. the chocolate is normally done separately from the batter itself. i tried a new recipe and was kindda skeptical bout it. the amount of flour was so little and...was quite worried actually =(

so all the mixing... beating... stirring... but baking brownie is so much more easier, faster and simpler than baking cookies. everything is just baked at one shot. and well... everything went on pretty smoothly!

i changed the recipe a bit by adding in some cocoa powder, nuts and chocolate chips. heh but i didnt add alot coz i was afraid that things might get too sweet. and after all the mixing...

tada! the brownie met it's end in the oven! haha maybe not yet la... the real end is when it lands in my classmate's stomach...hehe =D

and after 3o mins of baking and checking... sigh i dunno is it my oven is special or is it just me. i just keep think that the brownie is not totally cooked yet. but bearing in mind that the brownie will still cook its own while cooling... i think its better that i bring it out before it dries up =X

one thing i hate bout baking non-cookie stuffs (muffins, cakes, brownies etc) is that things dont seem like its cooked when it already has. i know the insert sewer or toothpick theory but then... the surface of the pastry is so big! and you will never know if the middle or bottom part is done well or not....

but thank god this brownies turned out well! i personally prefer my brownies not to be too chocolaty and not too dry... some moisture in it will be good. and well... this round of brownies i baked was just nice! heng i added some nuts and chips... else i think the brownies will be very plain. haha.

alright time to go off now... tata~!

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