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mother's day surprise!

been long since i last posted something up, hence decided that its time i put up something to make this blog look more alive. haha. but this time, instead of introducing new cookies for sales... i am gonna blog bout a recent baking i did with my friend, Liwei =)

well after all... this is not just a blog for selling cookies ya know. its also for me to blog down my baking experiments.

yea she's the one who left a tag here recently. haha since she tag it down...i shall blog it down! haha =D

it was Mother's Day last sunday... quite a baking phenomeon as many people will think of making something for their mothers. naturally, the first thing that comes to the mind is either to cook a meal for that special lady or to bake her a lovely mother's day cake =)

and thats what liwei did! haha well that woman was having some problems and i offered to help. after all the beatings of eggs and sieving of flour... we had a good time decorating the cake too! made a very very fruity spongecake and man... it sure looks good! =P

not i wanna blow my own cow skin... aye, i'll show ya what i mean!

fruits we cut for the cake. well as you can see, there's strawberries, mango and kiwi. the traditional must must for typical fruit cakes.

earlier on i was even thinking of adding on some dragon fruits for the color. but after we were done with the cake...we think better dont -__- heh you'll know why when you read on.

the spongecake that we baked! well used the recipe that i had been sticking to ever since i started baking. the recipe was given to me by my mom. its very reliable! but erm... i am not really good in baking cakes. i think Liwei knows that =X

the cake! very eggy smell and i feel that of all the times i baked this recipe, this is the most beautiful color that i have ever achieved =)

after cutting the cake into 3 layers... we spreaded some blueberry jam and cream onto the first layer. nice hor? haha

2nd layer -reminds me of carl's junior... the super big burgers. dont you just love that purplish color from the blueberry jam?

creme de la creme! haha actually nah cannot say its creme de la creme. coz...we actually used those commercial cream that can be easily bought from supermarkets. well basically. i dunno how to make cream =(

after spreading the cream... its fruit decoration time!

first layer: mango. we bought the reeeeeal sweet indian mangoes and its really nice!

after adding the kiwi and the strawberry. its coming out isn't it? after spreading the fruits, we spreaded chocolate rice on the side of the cake. and....

TADA!!! our fruit cake is done!!! the cake was over crowded with so much of fruits and hence i decided not to add any more onto it. i cooked some jelly to gloss the cake so that the fruits will look more fresh. man...cant believe that i can make a cake like that too!

it's actually my first time making such a cake. though i am not that expert yet to cook my own blueberry sauce and beat my own cream, but i think...for a first timer, its quite a good result!

many people will think...why the hassle? just go out and buy can already. but then, when it comes to planning something for someone special out there... nothing else in this world can beat the thoughts of making something personally for that person! after the hassle... its the smile on our mothers' faces that makes all efforts and sweats all well paid =)


Normal home made Spongecake

6 large eggs (bout 60g each)

125g sugar (i use only 100g everytime)

2 tsp vanilla essence

1 pinch salt

125g cake flour (self raising flour can be use too)

1 tsp of baking power

1/2 tsp of baking soda (optional)


1) beat eggs at slow speed. after the eggs are beaten, add in sugar, vanilla essence and salt and continue to beat for 1 minute. turn up the speed to medium and continue to beat for approx. 5-10 minutes or till batter turns white and 3/4 raised. Then adjust speed to highest and continue to beat for another 5-10 min till batter becomes light and fluffy.

2) sieve flours (cake flour, baking soda and baking powder) and fold into the batter slowly. do not over mix else batter or apply too much pressure else batter may sunk.

3) grease tin cake mould with grease paper and brush vegetable oil around. this is the prevent the cake from sticking onto the paper.

4) put into the oven and bake at 160 degree Celsius for bout 25-30 minutes, or till when insert a skewer and comes out clean.

p.s: you may add in other ingredients like nuts and chocolate chips. just add in some flour onto the ingredient and sieve through and sprinkle all over the cake. you may also add some milo powder or nutella onto the cake! just spread onto the batter and use a spoon and randomly mix around before popping into the oven =)

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Comments: haha..
u finally blog it..^^
really had fun makin it
hope tat we will have fun bakin some other stuff the next time ;)

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