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Freshly from the oven: Brownie Cookies

its my 3rd attempt and the first batch of cookies is still baking in the oven. so far had tried out 2 recipes and the current batch is the one that i PERSONALLY edit one. haiz will everything be right this time? hmmm.

after all the melting of chocolate... whipping up the dough, freezing the dough, shaping the dough and uncountable times of tasting raw chocolate dough...

ok... nuff said. picture time.

after what happened the previous time, i learnt to place the cookie dough more further apart. guess the most ideal arrangement is to bake only 10 cookies per tray bah. coz when it was baked, it look quite ok to me... at least not the 'brownie' state.

i guess this is the characteristic of this type of cookies bah.when it is baked, it doesnt look like it is baked. the surface is SUPER SOFT and you have to leave the cookies to stand on the tray for bout 5 min for it to harden. both recipes seem so. even after i edited the recipe.

realise there isnt much oil produced? thats becoz i reduced the actual 120g of butter to only 90g =)

then finally... tasting. the taste is well... as usual, chocolately sinful! but well...its really soft and i came to a conclusion.

THIS COOKIE IS NOT MEANT TO BE KEPT FOR LONG. coz chewy cookies are meant to be eat on the day it's baked. if you keep it for a few days, then the cookie will most likely taste a bit 'lau hong'.


next... i actually froze the cookie dough after they are being rolled into icing sugar.

taste is well... good la. but texture wise... hmm like no different leh.

i picked the cookies up and go round to my neighbours' house and knock on many people's door. they tried and the comment i got was...

"Very nice leh! not bad mah! why you so glam looking? ok la nice liao la...".....etc. From these comments... came with a conclusion. The cookies are best ate fresh.

after some discussion with mom... she told me that well...It's ready for Sale! but then this cookie can only be baked on the day the customers want to collect it. and most importantly is to consume the cookies ASAP. it is not like the chunk cookies that can still remain crunchy even after a few days. much to go through for a cookie.

so therefore.... please let The Baker present to you... the Brownie cookies! for those who are interested and willing to give it a shot, do email me @ or for orders! Baker will be more than happy to go through all the tedious work once again for your cookies! =D

ok... so this shall mark the end of this experiment.yay... one more thing to sell liao *dance*


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