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A Salad Affair!

push aside all the cakes and cookies... today i shall talk bout something more lighter...

and that is... SALAD!!!

yummy dinner for a lonely tuesday night: salad!

haha. for those who dunno me well... i am quite an independent person actually. though i love to be in huge crowds occasionally... but i do like to have time for myself too. and thats when all the baking and cooking starts =)

my parents both go out pretty often together and i normally wont tag along. so end up most of the time i have to settle my own dinners. sometimes i can even be alone at home from morning wake up till at night when i go to bed! its like... parents going overseas. haha.

its kindda irony... when i am young, i hope everyday will be like that. just me alone at home and do whatever i want. i can plan my own dinners.... see if i wanna go out for coffee with friends... it was as though i am already living out on my own. but yet as i grow older... i suddenly hope that everyday there will be people at home... eating with me, watch tv with me and chat with me.

lettuce+sliced egg+boiled chopped sausage

sometimes when alone at home... it can be really a hassle to fix your own meal. you suddenly have no cravings for anything and you just eat for the sake of living. actually you can choose not to eat anything... but yet you don wanna wake up in the middle of the night and feel hungry. it's quite a headache actually.

my favorite maggie mee combination: loads of chili padi!!! =)

most people will just go ahead with maggie mee or cup noodles. oso very simple what! just boil water and cook... can be done within 5 mins. but then... eat too much hair will drop you know? XD

and hence... i chose salad. one reason why i love making salad as dinner is becoz its very light and filling. there's no carbo but theres meat, vege and egg. all the yummy yummy nutrients that i love and i need. theres no salt or pepper or anything that it has heavy taste. but if you are someone who prefers something more favoring, you can dribble some olive oil over for extra fragrant. it feels really fresh in your mouth....especially when u chill your lettuce =)

if you want something more... you can also add in some fries!

and the other reason is... its really simple and fast! the ingredients are available anywhere and the best thing is... you can personalize it! add whatever ingredients that you like... eggs, tomatoes, carrots...cucumbers.... its your call!

for me... i love to have loads of lettuce with some chop sausages or ham with a sliced hard boiled egg. then drizzle some thousand island sauce or miracle whip. simple, fast and yummy. after having a good time mixing everything together, just sit yourself in front of the tv and enjoy your freshly made salad... now thats what i call life! =D

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