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steeeamy affairs!

been long since i last blogged here... today, shall blog bout a new baking adventure, rainbow steam cakes!

looks nice doesn't it? hee this recipe is actually meant to be made into a whole cake. but well... i always believe that creativity sprouts everywhere...especially in the kitchen! hence instead of making the usual strawberry flavored whole steamed cake, i did it in muffin style =)

mixing chocolate emulco into the batter. marbled... so nice! =D

mixing one of the colors! on my first attempt... i actually changed the whole recipe around. haha i know this is a bit crazy... but then i love to personalize my bakes. i used pandan flavoring and green food coloring.

Anyway. this steam cake is actually very healthy!... firstly, its steamed. secondly... it uses only egg white and no yolks involved! very suitable for those who are rather cautious bout their health and me!!!

well as this blog's name offers... i am actually not a cake baker. the previous post was quite a success and now, this post makes it double! besides venturing into cookies and cakes, i am very interested into muffins and cupcakes too!

this steam cake is actually very personalized... you can change the flavors and colors into anything you want... and even the layering of the cake too! food should always be prepared according to the way you like!

see the colors... so nice right~? haha reminds me of earth and mint brownies...ooooo =X

out of wackiness i used a toothpick and did some 'spider lines'. haha but i think i over did it here =P

now after all the layering and toothpicking... its time to be send into the steamer! haha yeap i am using those traditional big wok-like steamers. it's actually my mom's. she too used to bake alot and make many steamed pastries! like fa gao and red turtle kuehs...

and after all the beatings and steamings.... the end product!

tada~! doesn't this looks nice to you? haha i am veeeeeeeery happy with my first attempt of this rainbow steam cake. coz when i took my first bite, i could feel the moist and fluffy texture of the cake! and most importantly.... its not oily! hence you wont feel sick and guilty after eating =)

heehee so happy! gave to my neighbours and they were very impressed! this cake is actually quite easy but just a bit time eating. hence to those who want to try it out... make sure you have plenty of time! confirm will get yummilicious end product one. if kat can do can you! hahaha =D


**taken from Zu's kitchen

500g egg white
60g evaporated milk
1 tbsp vanilla essence (You can use butter oil or sweetcorn oil also)
150g melted butter
225g castor sugar
300g top flour
1 tbsp ovalette/sponge cake stabilizer
3 colours (red, green and yellow), 1/2 tsp for each colour
1 tbsp chocolate emulco
a pinch of salt

1. Beat egg whites at high speed. Add sugar bit by bit once the egg whites turns bubbly.
Continue beating till soft peaks.
2. Add flour, milk, ovalette and salt and continue mixing.
3. Add melted butter and mix till well blend.
4. Split batter equally into 4 parts and add one colour to each part
5. Add chocolate emulco into one of the part
6. Grease a baking tin with butter and scoop 1 tbsp of yellow mixture into the
centre of the baking tin, continue with 1 tbsp of the red onto the yellow mixture,
scoop 1 tbsp of the green mixture onto the red, scoop 1 tbsp of the chocolate mixture on
the green and repeat with the yellow, red, green and chocolate until finish.
7. Steam on high heat for about 30 minutes or till cake is done.

p.s: if you wanna make the ones that i made, just divide the batter into 3 portions: one with the chocolate emulco one, one with the vanilla essence one and then one with 3 drops of pandan flavoring and 3-4 drops of green food color.

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