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chocolate chunk cookies!

As a start of my little cookie biz... i would like to introduce my very own signature cookie, Chocolate Chunk Cookies =)

being a big fan of chocolate cookies... i have always been keen to have my very own recipe. tried many many recipes given by websites or from books, but always find that the end product is lacking of something. to me... a good chocolate chunk cookie is when...

1) theres an obvious amount of chocolate chunks. and when i say chunks, it means its definitely not chocolate chips. its too tiny to be tasted!

2) the batter must be golden brown... and it must have a sweet taste of brown sugar and a slight hint of butter.

3) the cookie musn't be too soft or hard. neither should it be soggy or too crispy that it became so brittle...that once you bite it, everything's gone and turn into cookie crumbs. (like famous amos...i dont think its nice)

4) there should be nuts to enhance the texture of the cookie and to balance the sweetness of the chocolate. afterall, nuts and chocolate are always the perfect match =)

so far... i had tried 3. and all were in vain. but after much research and tries... something begin to pop up.

i found my very own improved chocolate chunk cookies recipe!!! =D

lovely golden brown color which i always failed to get...

obvious trails of chocolate chunks....

cookies are crispy but not brittle. its not too sweet coz theres macadaemia nuts and 72% dark chocolate to balance the milk chocolate.


xiaomei is happy de lor! haha felt as though i have acomplished something big. heehee. now i can firmly say that xiaomei brand de chocolate chunk cookie is ready for sale! =D

so for those out there... do try it out yea! these yummilicious guaranteed cookies are up for sale! the cookies can be baked according to your likings! buyers may choose to have the following combinations:

- all milk chocolate or mixed with 70% dark chocolate or white chocolate (newly recipe!)
-a choice of cashew nuts, macadaemia nuts or raisins.

please leave ur orders at the tag box available. for more inquiries, please email me @ or =)

meanwhile...God bless! =)

p.s: more interesting flavors to come! =P

- white chocolate is available
-chewy version is available too!


Katherine blogged@ 10:26 AM


Comments: YUP, this is one cookie that i will keep buying for my little Shane loves it!! another order coming up from me soon..!!

posted by Blogger shanewei : May 3, 2007 at 10:03 AM
  haha thanks angie! haha you guys are just so sweeeet! =D

posted by Blogger .::KillTheBlackKat::. : May 3, 2007 at 3:53 PM
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