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my very first cupcake experiment: coke cupcakes!

heehee been so long since i last blogged here i am! made coke cupcakes 2 weeks ago(dont ask me why now then blog bout it) and well... heh it was my very very first time in venturing into cupcakes! hee quite excited bout it and wondered how will coke taste like when it hits with flour and eggs....hmmmm....

the steps were very simple and the ingredients are easily understood too. i whipped up the batter within minutes and i thought...'hey! quite easy what!' and just a blink...

TADA! ready to be popped into the oven! added a piece of marshmellow on top and i used those miniature cupcake papers. hee so cute hor? haha somehow when it comes to baking, i'll prefer my cakes and cookies and whatever to be in mini mini size one =)

and i tell you...these cupcakes are done within minutes too! fast fast 10 mins only! just a blink and viola~!

Done! hmm but somehow i think i didnt put enough marshmellows bah... i saw the picture and other bakers' ones were all bubbling goodness. hmmm...

but nevertheless i am rather contented with the outcome and appearance of the cupcakes! taste wise... well my mom said she couldnt really make out what flavor it was. while another friend's mother commented that the flour wasnt enough...

heh first time hear people say flour not enough. i guess there will be more for me to learn la! meanwhile...i'm signing off with love! hope everyone will have a great week ahead! =)

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