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Chocolate Cupcakes

man its been long since i last blogged and this blog sure looks dead man! sorry for my lack of posting... has been pretty busy lately but well... here's something new!

remember my first attempt on the choc and cola cupcakes? hmm though the process and the outcome was pretty alright... but then i am sure theres much more for me to improve on. and last sunday... i attempted on chocolate cupcakes for a friend's birthday =)

making cupcakes are sure fun and very much different from making brownies and cookies! i love the consistency and and smooth flowing of the batter... makes me look very forward to a moist and chocolaty cupcakes!

so mixing the milk in....

and ta da! spoon the batter into the cupcake tin and let the cupcakes have a good transformation in the oven! man... i cant wait for it! =D

its quite fun watching the cupcakes baking in the oven man... hee seeing it flatten out and then slowly slowly puffed up and....

BOMB! here its done! man time sure pass like hours and finally the cupcakes are done! see how the lines cracked... oooooh can you smell the chocolate aroma? XD

i couldnt help it but to capture more shots of the cupcakes! haha man even as i am typing now... i still felt as though i can really smell the chocolate smell! i swear i am not boasting but this recipe sure does the name of chocolate proud!

of coz... i cant possibly give these cupcakes as a friend's birthday present right? so... i whipped up some buttercream....

and i gave the naked chocolate cupcakes a brand new look! =D

the base coating...

and tada! there you got a flower! i added some food colors to the buttercream and well... as you know that i am a baker who believe strongly on creativity, i thought i might as well do this:


heh...erm well ok. i know this is nothing new and this idea has been out of time hell long ago...but its my first time working with buttercream on cupcakes! my friend's name is jasmine and... hey it turned out well right?

with more buttercream and cupcakes left on hand... i then decided to just fill all the cupcakes up.

man... arent these cupcakes so vain looking? but one thing is for sure: THEY ARE REALLY CHOCOLATY AND VERY PHOTOGENIC!

and with much efforts, heart and soul put into making the cupcakes... my friend was sure happy with her birthday present! her comments on the cupcakes?


this cupcakes does give you a good chocolate shot right into your head! and this also marks the 2nd non-cookie item for Cookie Medley: Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting!

yup! you hear me right! these cupcakes are on sale! there's a minimum order of 6 cupcakes and buyers can get to choose to have buttercream frosting or not. and i can ensure you that freshness is absolutely guaranteed! well afterall... Cookie Medley believes only in quality bakes =)

do contact me @ kasic_fantasy@hotmail.com or killtheblackkat@yahoo.com for orders! you can tag me in my cbox too if you want =)

and with that... i wish everyone a good week ahead! =)

p.s banana flavor is available too! =)

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