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Bready issues solved

throughout the whole blogsphere, i am perhaps the most unknown online home baker ever. as compared to those links i have put up in my links, i am so much more of a small little humble fry.

However, i do feel that sometimes as bloggers people tend to 'Bake for show' only. dunno if you understand what i am trying to say but the point is, baking became more like something to satisfy not just the pang of hunger or craving, but rather for phrases and comments which i seriously wouldn't go for such things. those who do keep track of this little humble blog knows that my language knows no limitations and if i think a recipe failed me, i wouldn't hesitate to tell you it suck ass.

before you think this is a complaining post, let me reassure you that this is perhaps one of the most honest post i have ever written. i'll be very very honest with you that i suck at anything called 'Meringue' and 'Yeast'. recipes for meringues are really very specific but it is the idiot in me and the jelly in my bone's fault. however for yeast, things ain't so easy.

most recipes will either tell you 'Put all ingredient into the bread machine and ...' (which i honestly detest) or 'Knead till the dough is smooth and elastic'. now, by what definition you meant by smooth and elastic? rubber bands are smooth and elastic too you know? so is the skin on my face.

until i watch a video by Richard Bertinet's way of kneading a dough, i tell you, all the bread recipes are nothing but just mediocre.

sprinkle flour on your table? spread some oil before kneading? grease hands well? all are nothing but rubbish. i followed the 'hit and wrap' method and i think i won't ever set eye on another so called 'sure work' method again.

think... it does make sense. for what you want to add more flour or oil into the dough just for the sake of your hand when there is already ample flour and fat in the dough? why want to add more to complicate things when just your hand and air will do?

this is perhaps, the most best ever bread i have ever made, and i will never never look on other recipes ever again. my loaves has never been so soft and fluffy, it has never tasted so ever natural and the scent of yeast is really very different from the usual ones i made. the loaf not only stayed soft and fluffy for more than 5 days, the butter smell gets more and more better each day until you don't even want to eat it with jam!

i mean... even the stale breads leftovers made the best french toast ever! so seriously if anyone is reading and had enough of all those crappy bread recipes out there, give that video a go. i don't like to promise things through air but for this, i will.

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Comments: Hi!:)

Have been following your blog for quite long now :)

May I know what gives you the drive to like bake, when did you started baking?

posted by Blogger The awesome banana : December 9, 2009 at 8:38 PM
  hey awesome banana! so sorry that i see your comments only now. i started baking really young as my mom was a baker too. when she came down with breast cancer, all actions in the kitchen stopped and i am determined to relive it again =)

posted by Blogger Katherine : January 1, 2010 at 8:11 PM
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