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baking without measurements = shiok!

anyway. you can't believe i mean even i myself also couldn't believe when i first saw this recipe in NL's forum. a fellow forum member shared this recipe and it certainly did wreck up a stir in the forum! i mean... who would believe that you can make bout 2 to 3 dozens of cookies using just 3 ingredients and without any flour or butter?

but anyway. as i see more and more other forum members vouching for the recipe and claim how bloody good they are, i thought that's it. nothing is impossible in the kitchen from now on.

all you need, is a cup of peanut butter (i use skippy smooth. basically it is the small size 240g jar), a cup of sugar and one egg to bound everything together. you believe it? no right?

but guess what. is really...seriously... worked. and really very good too. the cookies were very very fudge initially but let them cool a little and everything will be just fine. in fact they are so good, i burnt my 2nd batch while devouring the first. the next time i am making this i will probably cut down on the sugar though. probably instead of one cup i will have half =)

on the other note, i've finally put the hello kitty silicone mold i bought from HK to good use. it has been sitting in the cupboard since feburary and i have been dying to use it. so well it's another simple sunday with nieces over and we did a few kitty cakes.

i dunno what you call it, it's not a muffin nor a cupcake. probably just eggy cake and sis said they were very very nice. i didn't measure anything but i think, i've used bout 50g of soft butter, 4 tbsp of sugar, 2 eggs, a good splosh of vanilla and bout 5 tbsp of flour sifted in with a pinch of baking powder. it's very simple and good but i learn one thing: silicone mold never brown things up. its more like steam cakes.

P.S : regarding my previous post on the cookie plungers, you can actually find them in B.I.Y shop! silly me and how i always take the internet for granted. anyway the price is below SGD 20 which i think is a sure win!


Katherine blogged@ 8:47 PM


Comments: oh i LOVE hello kitty!

i have a fear of baking with silicone cups though

scared the cupcakes will stick to the moulds? and if not the first few times, then soon after - due to wear & tear ??

i always want to buy it, but always have that thought in the back of my mind too..

posted by Blogger Betty : October 25, 2009 at 7:27 PM
  Hi Betty

initially i was very afraid of using silicone molds too. i was afraid it might melt etc but it didn't! guess you really need to see the labels carefully and make sure it can withstand oven heat. my hello kitty mold can go maximum to 220 deg c. and after washing it is as good as new =)

sticking wise, it doesn't stick at all. just tumble them out from mold =)

posted by Blogger Katherine : October 25, 2009 at 9:19 PM
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