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Cake Post

quick post. i initially wanted to name this post 'The Butter Post' but come to think of it... it can be a little turn off. so well, cake post it is. basically the following stuffs I've baked requires one whole piece of butter per cake. yes very alarming, very scary and calorie clogging, but hey in the 1970s, the more butter a recipe calls for the more sophisticated it was deemed ya' know?

anyway, this was a hari raya order i made for a classmate Nurul (yes i know it's Nov now). my butter cakes has always been just the chocolate and vanilla combo but she requested for a strawberry factor. and guess what... i think this is how I'm gonna make my butter cakes from now on! dunno how good it is, but i did bake one extra cake for 'just in case' and home consumption. cake was completely consumed within 4 working days (i did cut out squares to chew on during midnight cravings) which is pretty impressive considering how uninterested my family is towards the stuffs i bake. god i hope classmate dear like the cake though.

another cake i baked in oct was nutella pound cake. stupid me left the cake untended and hence you see the little log of tree bark. mom kindly scraped off the burnt top and well, the cake was good. it was moist, nicely and goldenly colors and definitely edible.

but oh come on, what can be ruined with nutella? but compared to the marbled butter cake, this one didn't score as well as the former did. well parents aren't so keen on nutella as i do and also, i did not swirl the nutella jam well. so everything kind of stayed bottom and yea. boooooooo. but I'll try again.

this though... ain't butter cakes but it's actually chocolate buttercream cupcakes i baked for another classmate's father's birthday. butter usage? well everything is nicely fitted within one block of butter. it's daddy's birthday so... let's keep it simple aye?

oh well anyway. i don't give a hoot bout the calories and fats because it's not like i eat like that every single day. it's just during the weekends i bake a cake to last throughout the whole week for breakfast or tea or when i am starving. and oh one more thing... i am very, very, very behind posts.

p.s: ask for recipes if you want! didn't put coz rushing for bed!

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