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Express Pancake

you might be a little sick from all the Nigella related post going on in this blog lately... but i am not sparing a single bit. yes this is another Nigella post but you really can't blame it. all that quick quick slow and razzle dazzle done within mere minutes is taking over this household now. and i think it will not be going off so soon like H1N1. i can't help but to start off saying... 'Damn these are easy!!' once my sister bought this packet of pancake mix. well i think she is doing her every part making every meal count for her kids but the thing is... she forgotten about her pancake mix and there goes the expiry date. i know supermarket is the most important place in all women's hearts, but the truth is we cannot trust everything there... especially those with a date. so what i did? i went Nigella.

this doesn't take you long. whenever you are free, just pop in 600g of flour, 3 tbsp of baking powder, 2 tsp of soda, 2 tsp of salt and about 3-4 tbsp of caster sugar into a jar. huge one perhaps. shake all you want. note that i am typing this down purely from memory because i shake that jar every sunday morning as a form of exercise for my fat arms and i can spell out this recipe without failure now. so no preservatives. the jar i made in May is still edible in my cupboard now.

then when the call of hungry stomachs came, just scoop out one cup of that pancake mix, whisk in a cup of flour, a cup of milk and an egg. for something more classical, a drop of good vanilla extract. if you want to be a total junk for breakfast, add in bout 2 tbsp of cocoa powder for chocolate pancake. please don't get me started on how great these are as suppers (whisk one batch, cook as many as you can wolf down and put the rest of the batter back in fridge. cling wrapped of course) go down so well with some cream and maple syrup and may i say, BETTER THAN MAC'S HOTCAKES. i can never finish 3 huge slices of flour dough when all i am on for is that tiny piece of sausage.

there is a blueberry syrup that came along with the recipe, but its just popping 200g of blueberrys with 125ml of maple syrup. i did them, but they went missing... mom took them to work so no pictures. anyway i didn't bother with measurements anymore nowadays. who gives a damn to figures when you are darn hungry and all you want is leisure cooking and pure home food?


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Comments: mm i love making pancakes, been meaning to make some again recently but never have the time too

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