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TCM Cheesecake sale!

actually i had been wanting to post this for a long long time... but kept on postponing because i really thought i should venture out to any possible flavors. but oh well. itchy fingers never wait. i think up till today, i've done more than 100 cheesecakes. damn they are SO EASY!!!! gah i hate to say this but they are SO MUCH MORE EASIER THAN COOKIES. bunk everything in and whip up and leave to set in fridge. done within 20 mins considering the washing. how easy!

now i have to clarify this first. i swear i went through lots of hardships, many tubs of cream cheese and gelatin to make this work and claim it my very own recipe. there are thousands of cheesecake recipes out there and i have to say that many of them yield wonderful results, but i am looking for something not like jelly, not like slime and lastly, not soft and sticky like jello. neither do i want anything that calls for bombastic ingredients and amount that screams hell in the ears. these are real hardcore cheesecake, you understand?

Very Ribena Cheesecake : totally inspired by Happy Home Baker when she first did her's last year. now i have not tried her recipe yet, but i came up with this when i came up with my own vanilla cheesecake. simple lah.. just substitude the ribena in lor.

definitely one of my bestsellers among the health driven girls and happy mummies. if you like ribena, i swear you will like this.

Ferreroche & Nutella Cheesecake : i agree it looks very shitty in terms of image but greed outwins everything. i brought it to class and someone immediately recognised the smell as ferreroche once i opened up the box. they even scream as they saw chunks of nutella blob inside the cake. but still please do not get this for a birthday but rather as something to hit the spot.

Whatever Oreo Cheesecake : seriously... whatever. its like one of the most basic cheesecake of the 21st century. somehow in modern baking, adding crushed or chopped oreo cookies has became one of the unspoken law. oreo cupcakes... oreo ice creams... oreo cakes... oreo milkshake... Oreo cake. but whoever's idea was that, it certainly worked.

but for me, it only seriously work when one whole packet of Oreo happening in one single cheesecake. or else, really whatever.

lastly... my very proud Bailey's & Nutella Cheesecake. i think the name explained a lot already man. probably because i am an alcoholic junkie and worked as bartender once, this cake is like a total common sense to me. but of the best loved cheesecake around those who know me and i even helped a friend to successfully win his girl. it's definitely not the alcohol okay.

currently i am experimenting on something that i hope no one has thought bout it. Pear & Vodka cheesecake. yes yes the thought of vodka in a cheesecake might turn some off but TRUST ME. ITS NEVER ABOUT WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG WHEN IT COMES TO CREATIVITY!!!!!!

anyway. base are made with the usual digestive biscuits but oreo can be done if you really love oreo. Gelatin i used are fish gelatin so definitely halal. price wise? email me lah. is your friend =)

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