Friday, March 6, 2009Y

a confession...

truth to be out... i am such a sucker for macarons.

everytime when i pass by restaurants and patisseries like Canele and Bakerzin, my brain will somehow lit up a bulb and i would find myself wondering if i should just get some. dont get too much. just maybe a few pieces. try out the new flavors or just a little treat for myself. just not too many pieces.

but in the end, i will end up paying for either a dozen or 2 dozen of macarons. once i even ended up with 3 dozens as i was bout to go for lessons and thought i could share these coloful little pieces of joy with my darling classmates.

my top most favorite flavors have always been roses and pistachio. i just love that feminine hint of sweet roses playing around with my senses. its just so delightful and relaxing. then after that comes something nutty and flavorful for me to devour.

sigh i really wonder when i could bake such babies. i do have the recipes (in fact a total of 17 macaron recipes) and i think i understood the ingredients and methods. but i seriously got no faith in my 40 year old oven. i just dont believe my oven wouldn't brown the macarons. plus the process has to be like a heaven : right lightings, clean environment and tools and absolute concentration. guess for the time being i'll just have to continue contributing to the patisseries economy =(

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