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CNY 2009

again i was on a long hiatus!!! after 60 pineapples and several nights of non stop baking... i am really very very tired. this year i had the biggest orders ever for new year. i actually got 50 over bottles of pineapple tarts to bake!!! the nightmare will not be over until tomorrow night but meanwhile, just a little update of what i made for CNY this year.

pineapple balls. i never like pineapple tarts (the opened type) as that one is a tad too sweet for me. i am more on the skin side so i sell and make only this type of pineapple pastry. anyway, after making 1.5k of this all alone, trust me you will never wanna pop another one in your mouth again... at least for me to me.

sunflowers. yea i know its not so nice to bake something black during CNY but its time to have a change! i used to bake the vanilla type which is oh so boring! but anyway i hope my customers will like it. its the bittersweet type and very buttery.

sugee cookies. i find my sugee cookies not exactly melt in mouth type. i dont like it to be too 'melty' if you get what i mean. some texture and crispiness appeals to me alot.

lastly... a shot of the sunrise at my kitchen window while i was taking a break. lately it has been very chilly at night so thank god, no sweaty and buttery me in the kitchen. was really tired but the sense of serene came when i saw this view.

though my baking is not done yet and it would be another hellava night tonight, but still wanna thank friend whom came to help out. and lastly, The Chocolate Medley would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year!! =)


Katherine blogged@ 2:16 AM


Comments: WOW! Your cookies look so good and so professional!!

posted by OpenID cookingupadream : January 30, 2009 at 4:21 AM
  Say it ain't so, Katherine! How can 1 get sick of pineapple tarts??! *horrors* I'm opposite, I love open face tarts more. ^_^ BTW, your cookies look great!

posted by Blogger Rei : February 3, 2009 at 11:34 PM
  cookingupadream - hee thanks for your compliment! by the way i love your nickname!!!

rei - thanks for the compliment! really scared of baking anything now. think i need to go 'on leave' from baking for a while! =X

posted by Blogger Katherine : February 14, 2009 at 5:23 AM
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