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a very freaking looking bread

people please believe me that this post was meant to be published at least 4 days ago. i have no intentions of leaving my blog unattended but bloody blogger was down!

oh anyway i better cut things short. i mentioned that i made a pandan loaf 2 weeks ago (hell yes 2 weeks ago) with the everyday bread recipe from Happy Home Baker. well it turn out... you'll see.

the green liquid you see there is basically a concoction of 40ml of coconut cream (cause thats all i have) 1.5 tsp of pandan paste (thats why so freaking green) and top up with milk. a total of 200ml of liquid.

its kindda interesting making something that is not milky white. green dough... green stained fingers... green green green. gotta admit that i was pretty put off by the color but anyway.

the dough was freaking sticky...i dunno why! i realised that 200ml may not always be the answer all the time for the bread! sometimes the dough becomes too sticky to handle and end up me using alot more flour. and again...the green is damn artificial but i have no desire in killing my darling pandan plant just for bread. but anyway the dough is left to proof from this...

to this:

yes a change of bowl will lead to some confusion but those who recongnised my grey mixing bowl will know how freaking high the dough has rised... yup! its freakily proofed becoz i actually left the bowl in the sun for almost 2 hours! i was watching south park and happily surfing away and actually forgotten everything bout it!

now i dunno if over proofing will do any damage to the bread but nonetheless i still shaped it, left it to proof for the 2nd time in the tin and....


amazingly, the bread this time was SUPER TENDER AND SOFT AND FLUFFY. yes i know the green is really scary...even mom was feeling very skeptical bout the bread. but the good news is... even though i used 1.5 tsp of the pandan paste the bread tasted nothing like pandan at all.

sigh... so much for the colorings and taste. but thats it. from now on i am going to let my everyday bread proof like mad =D

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