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yup... in the end i did attempt to make the everyday bread again! i was whinning and squealing alot on my previous failed attempt and swear to never touch this recipe again but well... just get used to it okay? though i always say i wont do it again but somehow... i'll just give it one more try. and boy sure i was glad i did =D

instead of the usual 170ml of milk, i used 200ml instead and before any real kneading even started, i already got this dough. this was only the first 5 mins and the dough was definitely much tender than any of my other old attempts. i'm not sure if 200ml will do the job but i didnt wanna held too much hope. i guess water ratio is really a big issue when it comes to bread.

i started around 9am... gave it a 30 min kneading and sent it for the first proofing. the sun was up and high and i left my dough covered with cling wrap and directly under the sun. boy sure it was a sunny day and the dough was really different as compared to any other previous attempts! after kneading, the surface was indeed much smoother and 'nicer'.

so after exactly 1 hour of proofing...


so happy!!!! mom said if you don't knead your dough well, it would not ferment enough and proof well. so erm... i took that as a compliment? well i did cover the bowl with a wet cloth cause i think it's kindda inhumane to leave the dough directly under the sun. it might get a sunburnt...or freckles... peel skin.......

so i punched down the dough and remove it out of the bowl. can someone tell me how to remove it properly? i dunno if my method is right but i just simply 'tear' and wipe the whole dough out. this time the dough tend to stick a bit to the bowl which i conclude could be due to the water contend in it. oh btw i love the structure view in the pic... like spider webs so complicated and well structured!

so i divided the dough into 3 equal portions... covered with a cling wrap and let it rest for bout 10 mins. before that i did knead each of them. at this point, TLC is very very important...

and shaped and roll them up! yea my rolling skills sucks but the main issue is, for my past 3 attempts on this recipe, it has never proof well or cover the whole tin properly. normally there will be some gaps or what but this time...

it was as good as my milk loaf attempt! very nicely proof and there wasn't any gaps at the corner. not to mention, my everyday bread's 2nd proofing has never reached to this height be it no matter how long it was proof. this dough took only 1 hour to reach this height! feeling really good bout this dough, i sent it into the oven for baking. heck i even make sure the oven was pre heated properly which i normally don't.

and not to mention... it was baked pretty well! the middle portion even toughed the cover of the bread tin a bit!!!! can you imagine how elated i was! never once i got this result and i was truly happy that i gave this recipe my last shot. all was well until when i tried unmoulding it. realised i really should have greased the tin as i couldn't remove the bread without scrapping the sides a few times.

ignore the sides... really very happy!!! the skin was really tender was definitely not those hard rock 'shoes' i once gotten! even the crumbs were tender man! niece came over to have a peep and said this time round look more like a bread *lol*

after slicing the bread the inside was really soft and more bread like. it wasn't the pound cake texture or size and much more airy. easier to slice too as the outer skin is very soft =)

really very happy that i gave it a last shot... baking is really all bout experimenting! i dunno why i got the patience to buy 5kg of flour to experiment and spent days in the kitchen baking my own cookies but totally have no rooms for bread. but this time round...i'm really glad i did. guess what i would have missed if i really gave up! this recipe is definitely a keeper i tell you. do try it out and be back soon coz i just baked a pandan loaf with this recipe. shall post bout it soon =D

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