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my meatball recipe

i swear i fried up a lot of meatballs that day but my evil nieces ate everything and left only 9 miserable meatballs for my dad and i. what the hell man =(

ever since my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer, she turned vegetarian and rarely cook as she needs lots of rest. i really wish i can help her as much as i can, but being only 18, its impossible for me to carry the load of the whole family on me now. all i can do is to take care of myself and study well...and also, bake some nice stuffs for her and cook well for the family. but becoz i am only 18... i also need life right? so whenever i prepare dinner, i like to prepare stuffs that requires me to prepare it beforehand like marinated meat or meatballs. in this way i can cook up dinner the next day faster knowing that it will still taste good... and then i can hop out of the door after dinner faster...haha.

minced meat ( half lean, half fat)
fresh shitake mushroom, diced
chestnut, diced
carrot, diced finely
onion, diced finely

Oyster sauce
sesame oil
brown sugar
cooking wine
potato starch (can use one egg too)

prepare at least 3 hours before serving. mix mince meat with diced mushroom, diced carrot, and chestnut well with a spoon. add in all the marinate ingredients except for potato starch/egg. once everything has incorporated well, add in the starch/egg and mix thoroughly. cling wrap the mixture and leave in fridge to marinate.

*no specific measurements or amount of ingredients as you can shuffle around and add more of whatever you like.

i didnt have carrots at home so this time opt out the carrots. wanted to add in some onions but dunno why all the onions went rotten ( raining too much lately?) so yea. anyway its important to have the lean meat and fat meat with the ratio 1:1 or else the meatballs are going to turn out dry and tough.

then after mixing the ingredients together, add in the marinate. i didnt add in the cooking wine because i know its bad for health. i dunno how to tell you how much exactly i added in but all the marinates are roughly 2 tbsp except for the brown sugar. i only added 1 tbsp of that.

lastly, the potato starch. actually egg is better coz it makes the meatballs more tasty. but i left only 2 eggs in the fridge and i wanna keep it for baking cookies. again, its bout 1 tbsp of potato starch. if you can't marinate the mixture overnight, then add bout 1/2 tbsp more of potato starch so that the mixture is sticky and will not be too 'wet' and difficult to shape.

after marinating, shape the mixture into balls and fry them up! need not alot of oil and do not overheat the oil. medium fire will do or else the meatballs will turn brown very fast on the outside but the centre still remains raw.

serve with ketchup or mayonise and best when served hot! if you are frying them in batches, preheat your oven to 120 degree celsius and put the cooked meatballs in it to keep them warm. if got leftovers, then its time for meatball spaghetti the next day! =D

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