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goodbye and hi again

just a wink, 2008 has already ended and we are even into the 2nd day of 2009. surprised? well not really. even though i was in the midst of finishing my school assignments and 'recovering' from the major christmas bake sale for 2008, i was well aware of the clock ticking away and the end of 2008 arriving nearer and nearer. nontheless, 2008 has been a wonderful year of discovery for me. especially my improvement in bread baking =)

i have tons of bakes unposted and i guess its gonna be so damn late to post them up one by one. so to sum up...

as usual, i made a batch of butter roll out cookies and let my nieces decorate them. though i try to make this a once a year thing but every now and then they do request for me to make this. trust me they just wanna play with all the icing and sugar sequins. they have no intention of eating at all.

nevermind... as long as they enjoy. and i really have make sure i dont get diabetic =X

and then christmas came and there was the crazy bake sale...

after 3.5 kg of flour, 2kg of sugar and 3 full nights of baking non stop, i really got afraid of my favorite chocolate chunk cookies. my backache didnt go until 1 week later and was totally zombified. thank goodness i have great friends who came over to help out... you know who you guys are! the bake sale was a huge success and comments were all very well recieved. pats pats on my shoulder!

then eldest niece's birthday. we are not really into cakes and hence i made her an ice cream cake. simple and easy and super effortless. i know my frosting skill sucks but really cant be bothered coz i actually have only 1 hour to frost the cake before the celebration starts. and that including the penguins!

it was really a very simple celebration. the cake was a vanilla pound cake with haggen das's honeydew ice cream. nice and hope the little fella like it =)

and yea... i fed her the penguin and she claim that she loves it. hmm sugar mangement very high here =X

yea thats about it for me... my 2008. soon cny's gonna come and i already have orders coming in. as usual, i'm baking my pineapple tarts and butter cookies. this year if time allows i'll kick in some sugee cookies too after i finish all the orders.

i really hope 2009 will be a better year. 2008 has been a year of melamine and mumbai attacks and F1 which i dont like at all. may i discover more things in the kitchen in the new year and blessings to everyone always!


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