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mom's birthday

i've baked a bread recently and it turn out quite well!!! but for now i will blog something out of the point first. and thats my mom's birthday last sunday =)

she has always been a great mother. for years we hadnt been celebrating her birthday coz no one remembers. even she herself too. so this year we decided that its time we do some justice for her. and instead of me baking something... i made a big meal for celebration.

marinated chicken baked in oven

green salad: quail eggs, romaine lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes with grated cheese

potatoe salad with japanese wasabi mayo.

of course there are loads more like terriyaki prawns, baked fish, japanese soba etc but i didnt take that down. there's just so much to eat! but of coz end of the day the most delightful treat for the birthday queen is this durian mousse from Goodwood Park Hotel:

man i tell u. its damn good that i swear i must learn to make this someday *wink* but for now i'll just leave you with my oven roast chicken recipe.

you'll need:

chicken thighs, without bones of course
sesame oil
oyster sauce
corn starch powder
pounded garlic

you'll need to:

- first wash the chicken and loosen the meat by using a pork chop hammer. leave the skin on if u want
- add in all the ingredients and 'massage' the meat. make sure every piece of chicken is coated with the marinate.
- get a box and arrange each piece of chicken neatly. this will ensure each piece of chicken thigh is properly marinate
- keep in fridge for at least 2-3 hours. most preferably overnight
- grease or place a sheet of foil over baking tray and arrange the meat nicely. no overlapping.
- place a blob of butter in the middle of the tray
- bake till done

* i did not list down the amount of ingredients needed coz it just hav to depend on how much of meat you are preparing. and if you dont have pounded garlic, just chop some garlic finely. omit of the garlic if you want too.

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