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comfort foods

ok i know i had abandoned this blog for so long and its getting boring!!! sorry sorry was really busy and oops, new year stuffs are still on preparations =X

ok so now i am back to post a bit la. no baking entries coz i had been baking the normal chocolate/banana muffins. keep kena orders for those so... yea whats there to blog bout for those? so today, i'll share with u a easy peasy home recipe to quench some real nasty cravings =)

you'll need:

the amount of pasta u need to settle ur animal hunger ( for me its one cup for fusili pasta)

a can of instant soup ( u can get 2 for bigger portion and mix between flavours. try tomato and clam chowder at ur own risk)

either ham, sausages, mushrooms, peas or whatever condiments u want inside ur pasta

salt and pepper for taste

ur favorite cheese at any animal amount u want

what to do:

1) first boil pasta till al dente with a pinch of salt and drain.

2) grab a pan and u might wanna sauteed some onions and garlic, then add in ur condiments (ham sausages etc)

3) open up the can and pour the content out into a bowl. pour bout half a can of water to the soup mixture and mix till desired consistency. this is ur pasta sauce so add whatever you like so long as u think it is edible.

4) now pour the soup mixture into the pan with all the condiments frying around. let everything simmer for a while then use salt and pepper to taste. some herbs would be nice too.

5) after simmering till u think its done, or maybe 5 min or so add in the drained pasta and give it a quick toss. then serve it on a plate asap as the sauce will get more and more drier.

6) top up some cheese and tada! its done!

yea i know this is not some fancy stuffs but trust me, its quite a comfort food on rainy days and u just want a bit of that ang moh feel at home. ( i think singaporeans will get what i mean) anyway i mixed potato clam chowder and cream of chicken for my case and my condiments were ham and sausage with onions. nice la but i think i wanna try mushroom next time =X

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