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My Christmas Baking

erm i know this is a bit late coz Christmas is already finished. but nevermind, just an update to tell what i baked for friends this year.

aside from the gingerbread cookies, theres also some rolled chocolate cookies. these cookies are pre made the night before baking as the dough has to be in fridge overnight. great choice during festive seasons when u are all hot on heels for shopping time and wants something freshly baked as gifts.

the chilled dough ready to be cut and arranged on tray...

all sliced up and ready for the oven!

i thought the color is quite nice! but then due to the sunlight it kindda affected the lighting. anyway 2 flavors were made, almond chocolate roll and chocolate with blueberry roll.

chocolate and blueberry roll.

these cookies are really convenient and u can choose whatever flavors u like! i personally find the almond chocolate one quite fragrant but not enough sugar. while the jam roll ones were more on the sweet side =)

another type of cookies baked was the White chocolate Cereal cookies. aye i think my readers should already know who these babes are =)

alright anyway. we have a pre celebration last saturday for my eldest niece birthday. and for that i made her an ice cream cake! hmm due to all the oil and stained fingers i couldn't really take any decent pictures of the process and the final result of the cake. all i know was i really need a good fridge coz apparently, the cake wasn't chilled enough.

making the cake base with pound cakes...

and flavor of the day: Peppermint+Chocolate+fresh strawberry chunks!

its berry goodness here!

the naked, uniced but already setted and firmed cake. chio hor? i think it looked quite nice like this already =P

the iced cake with strawberries. aye i suck at cake decorating. the cake was frost with buttercream. a bit untidy la coz rushing to set the charcoal etc etc XD

we couldnt do much except to put m&ms around the cake. everyone was somehow impressed la. coz they thought ice cream cakes was something bombastic. anyway i think the cake went on quite well! except that it melts really fast due to lack of proper freezing. another thing is, FROZEN BUTTERCREAM IS REALLY NICE~!!!! XD

ok here's the pics for my gingerbread man post. yeap finally got the pics!!!

this year, instead of Rudolf having a red and shiny nose, Chipmunks has got it too!

and not forgetting the christmas tree!

niece: my cookie!!*grins*

my eldest niece's version of the christmas tree. apparently i think she stamped a chipmunk's stamp and decorate the cookie into a santa claus-like thingy. not bad for a 9 year old huh? =)

anyway its been a great christmas and The Chocolate Medley would like to wish all readers a great year ahead and best wishes always! and with that, i am gonna end this post with my niece's most stunning expression:


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