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recently... i have developed this weird and crazy love for a indian snack...

yea i know its weird and i know some of you might think i must be crazy to like this. it's salty and very different from the chinese prawn/lobster/fish/veg cracker. so why would this dead traditional cave woman would like something so ethic?

i dont know. but it all started when the other day i was halfway through a dead boring day at work and just keep talking bout papadum. well i've got some indian colleagues and when i ask for more info bout papadums, they just keep provide me all the infos and got me really interested =D

apparently, its really easy to prepare these yummy snacks. all you gotta do just heat up some oil and deep fry the crackers. initially i thought might need to bake the papadums first but well its just this easy.

this may sound really unhealthy, but well let me tell you the real truth. and that is, real food lovers are unhealthy people. its a very sad truth coz somehow all the powerful foods are the deadly ones. some say papadums contains high amount of sodium and is very heaty. but aye for the sake of good food, who gives it a damn right?

the process of frying these babes are really interesting (for someone who know nuts bout indian cuisine its really quite an eye opening ok) anyway i fried bout 2 packets and more than half has met their dooms in my tummy in less than 2 hours. haha... too bad =D

anyway... its been long since i last bake some cookies aye? *grins*

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