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the cuppy post

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well cny had just passed not long ago but man i have this crazy pile of mandrain oranges stacking at home! its a bit hard to believe, but trust me. i am a BIG fruit HATER and its no way i will finish the oranges..

so what did i do with these citrus little monsters? Bake them of coz!

i got the recipe from another fellow baker's blog and was seriously impressed by her baking skills! definitely can easily beat me down coz i could never come up with something like that. really a great way to clear my oranges. *grins*

some of you might think: if this weird baker doesnt eat fresh oranges, then why would she even eat baked ones? thats right! therefore i made some of my signature Nutella Muffins!

recently i have changed from spooning my cupcake batter into the paper cases to pipping them in. i find this method batter as i can 1) wash 2 spoons less 2) no need to keep stare at the filled cases thinking which one got more which one got less 3) makes the whole process much more neater and less messier.

so how did the cupcakes turned out?

well of coz the nutella ones turned out REALLY BEAUTIFULLY and REALLY YUMMY! haha i have never been disappointed with this cupcake coz its my foolproof recipe! and what bout the orange cupcakes?

they turned out great! at first i was quite skeptical bout this cupcake coz this recipe called for plain yogurt and i dont have. i just replace it with milk. and somehow the cupcake just took quite a while to turn a bit golden brown. but ok la it turned out not too bad. taste wise...

the cupcake was very fluffy! i did drop in some orange essence but of coz this did not blend in with the mandrian oranges. and the baked orange's membrane was a tad chewy. hmm hope the original baker of this recipe can enlighten me in this.

but a note though, i think this cupcake can go very well with those canned peached =)

so yea this is my cuppy post. anyway i am baking bread now even at this hour so... keep watch for tat post! =)

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