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my first bread making post

ok i know i had been MIAing for too long. now i am back with this long promised post: bread making.

i really hate to say this but... I GOT NO BREADMAKER AT HOME!!! and as you know, having a breadmaking machine is sort of a must-have now in many baker's home, most of the bread recipes all gives instructions via the breadmaker. but all thanks to this happy home baker, i got some of her posts as a referring guide.

with my first time baking a bread on a breadmaker recipe, i reckon it's bad enough. but things just got worse when 2 pairs of small hands keep disturbing my poor dough! well i dunno how long to knead, knead to what stage but all i know is no matter how i knead the dough just doesnt seem right =(

and well i am pretty on for this breadmaking thingy and hence i went to buy a pullman loaf tin from Phoon Huat. hehe yea i know some might think this is overboard but trust me! this is another must have in most bakers' home =) ok anyway back to the dough.

after leaving the dough to poof for the 1st time, i punch out the gas using the rolling pin ((yea violence i know) and begin rolling out. it was SUCH A NUISANCE MAN. coz the damn thing just keep contracting and this poor old woman just have to keep rolling like some heck. and again, 2 mini pair of itchy hands keep nipping and pinch my poor and naughty dough =(

then begin sprinkling some fish floss...

And roll it up!

the dough was then put back in the pullman loaf tin (i left it in there too for the 1st poofing) for the 2nd rise. looks like a silkworm hibernating right? in order to let my dough rest in peace i lied to my nieces that if we dont leave the dough alone for the next 30 min, worms will come out of the dough due to the noise they made. what a good lie i made coz they really left the kitchen and remain pretty quiet =)

and having baking...


haiz the dough just wouldnt rise all the way up and worse is when it just doesnt get cooked. despite me following the temperature and timing stated on the recipe the dough just didnt baked like how it was suppose to be. with no choice i had to take away the loaf tin's lid and in the end this is was i got =(

this is not the worse.

CTE TUNNEL!!! i dunno why but inside there's huge air bubbles trapped! i suspect it could be due to the 2nd poofing.

and taste wise? well the bread tasted pretty tasteless and very chewy. i suspect it could be due to bad kneading and lack of time in the oven. of coz i did not just bake this loaf alone. i have baked bout 3-4 loaves of bread already but all with the huge tunnel. i think next time i am going to let the dough poof twice before adding ingredients in =(

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