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bready story

its labour day and there's definitely no reason for me to say i am stuck at work. haha so here i am with my bread story =D

so far i have already baked from 5-6 loaves and each time the breads i baked doesnt stay soft and yummy for long. the results doesnt really worth me posting but here are 2 which i think worth mentioning.

i never understand why cant we use other liquids other than milk or water for bread. so out of curiosity i used chocolate milk for a sweet loaf/bun from Alex Goh's world of bread. the process was quite ok and i was able to achieve a similar dough pictured in the book.

this time round i used cling wrapped as advised by Happy Home Baker. it does make the crust of the bread softer rather than leaving the dough to proof in the bread tin.

after proofing for more than an hour (did this at night) the dough rised well. according to Alex Goh's book. he said that a well proof dough doesnt springs back easily and leaves a slight fingertip marking when pressed. thinking that this should be it, i proceed on to punch out the air and let the dough proof for the 2nd time in the tin.

the dough ready to be baked. so happy that it rised to this height!! thinking that i should be able to get a full loaf this time round i send it to my preheated oven and went ahead to watch tv and bathe. but guess my horror when i saw this:


my gosh it was pure nightmare k!!! i just went into the kitchen to get some water and have a peep at the oven and was totally not prepared for a scene like this. i immediately removed the overflowed parts and open up the tin. but very funny though, there was still some space for the bread to rise! so why did it overflow? feeling weird, i went ahead to place back some of the overflowed dough back into the tin and slide it back to the oven.

not long later... its done!

well as expected, a full loaf. i did not grease the tin and hence had some problems in getting the bread out of the tin. without much thinking i took a butter knife and went through the whole tin, causing some parts of the loaf's surface to be damaged =(

=( .... heart pain ='(

anyway i sliced the loaf after it was cooled and gosh... i dunno is this a cake or what. IT WAS SO HEAVY AND SUFFOCATING!!! and the darker part you see at the bottom are the overflowed dough that i placed back into the tin. definitely did not cook well =(

anyway. the bread was really cake liked. other than that the taste was not too bad as there was a slight hint of chocolate. the next day the bread was so hard that even after toasted, it was still chewy and very much like a piece of cake with too much flour =(

the next day, i made another loaf. this time the hokkaido milk loaf. it was all over the net and i saw many positive comments about this loaf. the amount of ingredients were kindda weird (143g of milk?!) but nonetheless it wasnt too bad. bearing in mind that many has commented that the dough is really sticky but yields out beautiful and airy loaf, i couldnt help it but to think that its gonna be a few hours of cursing and swearing, and then happy and joy =D

well the dough did turn out sticky afterall. i wasnt even tempted to roll in more flour coz it was something expected. so with a scrapper i kept on kneading and finally adding the butter, which kindda ease the sticky situation. the dough was then left to proof.

i stick to the method that most bakers did: divide the proofed dough into 3 parts and roll out in swiss roll style. then leave in tin to proof till 80% of the height and then bake. not many achieved a full square loaf though... but will lady luck be on my side?

well lady luck wasnt totally with me... but i think maybe her pet rabbit or cats or dog was! before the loaf was done the whole house was filled with delicious yeast scent and i immediately though of kaya or curry. imagine my joy when i saw this after i slide open the tin!!

pretty loaf isnt it! it was a beautiful golden brown and the milk toast smell was very strong. perhaps because i used fresh milk? anyway after the loaf has cooled i couldnt wait to slice it up... but inside praying hard that there will be no CTE tunnel =X

when this bread was done it was like 11pm already. hence please forgive me for the bad lightings. but i am sure all can see how happy i am to see this...NO TUNNEL! and the loaf was airy and springy!!!

see!!! my first decent and successful loaf!

the loaf was not just yummy, but oso stayed soft and delicious for the next 3-4 days. definitely will make this again and cook up a good pot of curry to go along with the yummy milk loaf =D

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