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apple and chocolate chip muffin

p.s: hee so how do everyone find the new outlook of this blog? do note that this is now the Chocolate Medley so.. please help me spread the news! =)


are you a fruity kind of person? well. i'm not.

but last week there's a crazy amount of apples stock up in the fridge! was preparing for the major exam and out of stress and boredom... i went off to bake some Apple Muffins!

the ingredients for this recipe is pretty 'down to earth', which means the normal muffin stuffs. this recipe gives a rather 'bread like' dough and when baked, its texture is a wee bit more dense than the common muffins.

adding in the flour...

and next is the milk! a huge amount of milk was used and hence you can imagine how rich the muffin base is going to be!

see? its almost like a yeast dough after all the mixing is done. and now... its time to throw in the apples!

haha i know i am kindda greedy on the apples. see how chunky the mixture has became! i love my muffins to be chockful of apples coz i love baked apples!

and next before popping them into the oven, i added in some chocolate chips! the muffins sat nicely in the oven and after a long 25 min suana...


the muffin is moist and really very dense! apple aroma filled the air soon after i brought out from the oven as i used big fat Fuji apple!

see the chunky pieces of apples? i think on average each apple has bout 5-6 pieces of such piece of apples. haha i told u i am a really greedy person when it comes to adding fillings for my bakes. and taste wise? the dense cake pairing up with the moist and sweet and still a bit crunchy Fuji apple with hints of chocolate! its totally definitely a Heaven food!

meanwhile, while the muffins were being baked, i had some extra muffin base left. so what do i do with them?

Nutella cupcakes!

i never like wasting my leftover doughs. whenever in such situation, i will definitely fish out some chocolates and go with it! nothing can go wrong with chocolates for sure!

and how did the nutella cupcake went?

i think this pic explains it all. the peeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect midnight bites for a poor and pitiful O level student who is burning the night away with scary amount of studies to be done. the dense muffin base was a great companion with the yummilicious nutella. definitely a great marriage in the mouth!

so to all my dear readers, THESE APPLE MUFFINS ARE ON FOR SALE! so hurry and send in your orders now! =)

now i know i am kindda slow in updating my blog right now. so sorry bout that! i promise that after my exams, the speed of update for this blog will be double up! haha so till then, ciao!~

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