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double chocolate chunk cookies!

so you think... that the signature chocolate chunk cookies was already a killer, and that all cookies are to be sweet? now i'll show you the ultimate killer!

warning: not for the chocolate faint hearts*

whenever people bought the chocolate chunk cookies from me, they raved bout it. not trying to blow my skin here but then most of them thought that this was the best it could get. but tada! now i am gonna bring you even more! this entry was actually the first batch of double chocolate chunk cookies i've came up with. man editing recipes aint something easy. it has to come along with experiences and also some proportions that are remembered by heart. so after going through all the brainstorming... its time to get my butt working!

here's a mixture of 50% milk choc, 70% dark and 75% dark chocolate. all 3 of good brands including Lindt. and in order to do justice to such good chocolates, the only way is to make sure the cookie batter is good!

the batter is something more lighter and hinted with some cocoa powder. the butter proportion is also different from the normal chocolate chunk cookies. after throwing in the chocolates... hmmm this is absolutely a chocolate divine!

preparing these precious little black golds onto the tray. when i was bout to put them into the oven, i suddenly thought of something that can spice up the dull cookies... and that is...

thousands of colors!

haha i never really like fanciful toppings for my bakes but for this double chocolate chunk cookies, i think its worth it! so after adding them onto the cookies and sending it into the oven...

TADA!!! its done!

this cookies smelt more than just heavenly! not trying to blow cow skin but my god!!! the cookies do smell really very chocolaty! those who didnt know might even think someone is cooking chocolate somewhere near the block =P

but of coz. we have to remember that some people still prefer the classic and elegant of simplicity. well as you know that i love giving out my bakes, i packed this freshly baked cookies and off they go into the tummies of my friends! and trust me, there wasn't a single complaint! XD

so there you have, another cookie success brought to you by Yours Truly! this precious cookies has a strong chocolate smell and it taste slightly bitter due to the dark chocolate. hence its not really for the sweet tooth, but rather more for those who enjoy dark chocolate! send your orders to for orders and get a taste of a different kind of chocolate chunk cookies! =)

and till then... have a good week ahead people! =)

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