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nutella cupcakes!

yoyo! i am back with something new yet old! haha you must be wondering what is this mad baker talking bout. well basically, i am talking bout something most of us miss from our childhood, Nutella!

you know what? whoever that invented this great chocolate breadspread is sure one genius + chocolate lover. who wouldn't agree that this awesome bread spread can easily beat down any jams in this world?

but instead of spreading it on a simple and plain white bread, i've decided...

its time for some nutella cupcakes! haha the recipe is pretty easy to find online and i believe it is a very hot-on-sale cupcake! so after gathering all ingredients, its time to beat everything up!

one thing bout this batter is that everything somehow seems to be undone. its kindda tricky coz one has to be very careful with the batter. if overbeat, you'll get nutella rock cakes instead.

and after the beating is done... just simply fill the cupcake cases up and drop in a spoonful of nutella! i dunno bout you but for me, i'll definitely not mind having MORE nutella!

and more nutella! man this pic can definitely send a shot right through the head! after adding the nutella, grab a stick or skewer and swirl the nutella into the batter!

but man i think i gotta practice more man. my swirling skills simply sucks and ended up getting crappy looking unbaked cupcakes.

see what i mean?

but heng ar! just when i thought the cupcakes are gonna come out folded and crumpled, all of them rised and came out with a crunchy topping after baking! man sure was there a beautiful scent of nutella.

but one thing though. the yields ain't much. for this batter i made out only 15 cupcakes. oh no wait... its 15 good cupcakes!

i couldn't wait any longer and immediately popped one into my mouth after they were done! man the butter scent was beautiful and the nutella was a great companion to it! everything was done beautifully and wasn't too sweet after i altered the recipe.

so are you tempted yet? haha this cupcakes are for sales!!! if you are one die heart fan of nutella, do give it a shot yea? send your orders to for orders! =D

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