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Japanese Korrokes

let all humans, i need to eat to stay alive. though i have a flaming desire for pastry stuffs,i do need my vege and meat to stay alive too!

this is a very simple recipe that i wanna share with all. its the japanese korroke. haha it is definitely not the tradtional type ones or those really yummy and creamy you get outside, but well at least it did turned my tummy on!

recipe is very simple. in fact...theres no exact recipe! haha all according to your own taste. first, cut potatoes into cubes and boil them in a wok like this:

just make sure theres enough water and throw in a porcelain spoon. hmm i am not very sure bout why theres a need to throw in the spoon, but since young i was thought that when comes to boiling things that are hard (carrot, pork ribs, bones etc) always throw in a porcelain spoon. a friend later told me that it is to generate heat and make sure heat is evenly distributed.

when the boiling is done, drain the potatoes. the drier the better coz you don wanna have a soggy and non pliable dough.

while the potatoes are cooking, marinate some minced meat (beef, chicken or pork or whatever meat you like) with a dash of sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper. leave it aside. chop up some onions.

next: smash up the potato with either a egg smasher or a fork. the finer u smash the better it will be.

tada! haha i love this step coz its damn fun! kindda amusing to see the smashed potato turning soft. anyway after smashing leave it to cool under a fan.

after settling the potatoes, heat up a wok and sautee the onions. need not too much oil coz i'm trying to be healthy. haha. anyway the onions don have to be brown or what so when you think the time is right, throw in the minced meat and stir it till the meat is totally cooked. try to separate the meat as much as possible and i suck big time in this. add a dash of salt and pepper to taste.

after the minced meat is done, add it into the potato mixture.

add in more salt and pepper if you want. i personally love to have some taste of herbs so i added some mixed herbs (oregano!) into it. after that stir everything and make sure that the dough is not too moisture. here's the tricky part. after mixing everything try to grab a heap spoonful of the mixture and see if you can roll it into a 'quite firm' dough. if it is too soft, throw it into the refrigeration to harden a bit.

so with everything done, its time to coat the potatoes! prepare some panko (breadcrumbs), beat up one egg, and a plate of flour. till now i still dunno which flour works best so... you gotta keep trying =)

so next you roll the potatoes into small balls or whatever shape you want and toss it into the flour! next cover with egg ( do make sure the flour absorb the egg totally throughout the whole korroke) and then throw it into the breadcumb! make sure the whole ball is evenly coated. this can be a tad messy ok.

so after all the coating, fry it! you gotta be very careful with the heat coz if the oil is too hot, the potatoes are gonna burst and oil is gonna splatter all over the place. but if the oil is not warm enough, you will be soaking the korrokes in oil.

and so you continue frying till they turned beautifully golden brown. oh well failure is a must when it comes to such stuffs. coz frying these little cuties is quite a job to handle. throughout the whole process i poked and damaged quite a few...

so much to be done.... and now it is finally done! top up the korroke with japanese mayo and if you are free and lame enough, you can decorate it too by sprinkling some colors on it! so there you have, the yummilicious korroke done in home style! =)

have a good weekend everyone~! =D

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