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experiment: The Banana cupcake quest

i was actually requested by a friend to make some banana cupcakes last week. well being quite a banana lover myself, i immediately went round searching for a good recipe and strike it out. hee and also at the same time hope to find something new to add into the Cookie Medley's category =D

i'm sure many bakers would agree on this with me: no bakers are neat. no matter how hard i tried to organise my woking table and plan my timing, somehow things will still get a bit out of hand. this is my first time making banana cupcakes and after getting my hands onto a great recipe, i kicked off by smashing up the bananas and arranging the ingredients on the table properly.

ingredients has never looked so nicely prepared before

so we throw in the butter and started beating up all the ingredients. i was a bit worried when everything doesnt seem to be combining well. it seem like the butter and sugar are married happily together, but the eggs are on their own and the milk is not happy to join in the fun. this will show you what i meant:


it looked really like smashed tofu (mmm...) but things turned out better after i folded in the flour! i've twisted the recipe a bit and after all the mixing and tuning, its time to pop it into the oven!

i thought it will look good to have a slice of banana on top of the cupcake. heh the original recipe didnt ask for it but then things will be really weird if you hear me following a recipe completely and totally blindly =X

anyway. no doubt i have several rounds of making cupcakes, but even until now i still feel that i have many things to improve on. like sometime whenever i bake cupcakes, the papercups wont stick, too oily too sweet, batter add too little etc etc. but imagine my horror when i saw this:


apparently, the first plate of cupcakes went in and got too high and they all just burst and overflowed *sigh*

hee no doubt they overflowed, but i find them very cute!!! look at this one, i could hear it saying 'yay i am done and i'm cute and edible!!! Blehhhhh..' XD

haha but anyway. the rest of the cupcakes went on well. i guess just need practice to make things perfect. i quite like the aroma and the overall results after baking.

the cupcakes turned out soft and moist and not too oily! my mom even thought the cupcakes and steamed! haha but then i seriously think that the banana flavour could have been more stronger. the original recipe called for a very small amount of bananas and i've already added alot. hmm i think it still not enough.

a friend who loves banana cupcakes commented that maybe i shouldnt have added that huge slice of banana on top. it kindda changes the taste. hmm kkk i will sure take note of that next time when i make it =)

comments are very important when it comes to experimenting...haha. but overall as a first timer for banana cupcakes, i find it not too bad la! at least the cupcakes turned out pretty decent. =)

haiz was hopping i could add a new invention into the Cookie Medley orders but i guess i need to practice more for perfection! keep a look out for my next banana cupcake post! =)

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