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bakes with nieces: tangy lemon tarts!

man the moment i stepped into this blog i thought i saw some spider webs here and there... haha so sorry for the lack of posting! was kindda busy lately and hence didnt really have the time to post up any updates *giggles*

oh well anyway. as mentioned in my previous post, i baked lemon tarts last sunday with my nieces! baking with them has always been fun but just that well...some screamings has to be done as the kids can get rather itchy handed in the kitchen. but oh well anyway. please forgive me for the poor picture quality becoz...they were all taken by my elder niece! haha wanted to knock in some photography skills to her so next time she can help me out whenever my hands are filled with flour and butter =)

so well anyway. been working with chocolates for a long time and decided to go for something more fruity and refreshing... hunted around the net until i saw this its a must try!!!

so first we made the lemon cream. the original baker mentioned that this recipe is a real wake up call... the sourness of it is a total shot in the head and being a low STI (sourness tolerance level as invented by the original baker) person, i tried to sweeten the recipe by using only 3/4 cup of lemon juice. i opt out the zest of lemon coz while squeezing the lemon i could the the sourness COMPLETELY. sour how to eat right? >.<

mom: grease the tart cups ok remember grease them hor

so next... after settling the lemon cream, grease the tart cups and start working on the shell dough. the dough has been made 30 min before and was left in to the fridge. man i gotta say that the shells are really buttery! it smells like the crust of pineapple tarts and hey... i might wanna try using this shells for pineapple tarts! (creativity...) =D

so after you roll the dough and fit them into the tart cups (i got no idea what the hell these metal stuffs are called)....

you get some real cute and innocent child laborers/slaves to help you poke holes on the dough before sending it to the oven for baking. meanwhile... you just gotta keep rolling more dough and fit into more tart cups.

time management... >_<

and then off it goes into the oven! and meanwhile you just keep making more shells. man i can tell you the shells are so difficult to make! first you have to make sure the whole tart shells proportionate and not some parts think and some thin. then have to trim the tip... scream at my niece ask her not to meddle with the lemon cream...etc etc. oh btw, i did not use the blind baking method coz i agree with the original baker that the purpose of this whole exercise is to make life harder in general, and also to prevent the pastry from deforming too much. Either shrinking, or puffing up. but anyway the shells didnt appeared to be THAT puffed up. a bit wont die la.

and tada!!! the shells are done! after having a good time in the oven, its time to spoon the lemon cream into the tarts! but instead of having it plain... i sliced some fresh strawberries!

this is one good shot my niece took

and this was taken by me... which is better?=)

so after popping them back into the oven for another good 10 min (i did wonder why not just put the cream onto the shell from the begin and just back them straight for 20 min...but i reckon that will dry my strawberries)

bakebakebake. hey my elder niece's photo taking skills aint that bad la... =)

and then you wash up and finally...

TADA~!!! DONE!!!

haha so heng i added strawberries and not marshmallows. else heck knows what kind of disaster it might turned into again...XD

haha anyway. the tarts turned out beautifully great and being really satisfied and greedy, i immediately pop one into my mouth. but heck... the first thing came into my mind when the lemon cream hit my tongue...

ITS CRAZILY SOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

...and to think my sis said it was fine and mom said can add more lemon *faint*

heh i guess my STI is really low la... coz i hate sour stuffs especially lemons. heh i baked this is just purely becoz my sis is pregnant and i think pregnant women will like something sour on a hot sunday afternoon and my mom loves sour stuffs too. *siao*

but still...

its really a nice tart! taste wise the cream and shell's texture is just nice but... its really on the tad of the tangy and citrus side. but no harm trying la! will sure bake this again =)

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Comments: HAHHA, what an entertaining post. do i know you? you just popped out of nowhere. glad you tried the recipe. i dont find it sour, but yar, it is VERY relative. try the same thing with orange, or half orange half lemon. did you tarts slide out of those small tart tins easily? i always worry about that.

posted by Blogger fatboybakes : August 13, 2007 at 9:47 PM
  haha erm we dunno each other actually. but i came to know your blog from another baker(dont ask me who coz i forgot liao =X)

haha anyway. yup the tarts slide out very easily. after its done i just leave it to stand for a few min and just topple them over and tada! it just comes out lor =D and yea i am gonna add MORE SUGAR and LESSER LEMON and an orange else i will probably be soured to death XD

posted by Blogger .::KillTheBlackKat::. : August 16, 2007 at 6:08 AM
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