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how important it is to cook....

i always thought it is good to have some kitchen knowledge. be it man or woman it is important to at least know how to cook the basic stuffs to feed yourself and your family. as i've worked in F&B line before i've seen how those ignorant or lazy cooks who can't be bothered bout what they are dishing out to customers and just throw in all hell of MSG into the pots and pans. i am not dissing restaurants or what, i've definitely had great dining experiences and enjoyed some restaurants. but still i would very much prefer to cook a meal of love for myself and my love ones.

so you imagine my horror when a friend of mine told me she really cannot cook AT ALL. when i say 'at all', it means she wouldn't even open up a packet of maggie mee and boil some water to cook it. she have NEVER EVER fried an egg before as her mom don't really like her in the kitchen (mothers reading this blog, please listen to me. you really have to let your child into the kitchen one day else he/she is doomed for hell in future when he/she is alone).

for all these years she had the blessings of having a stay-at-home mom to cook for her and a father who will hesitate no less to bring the family out for dinner. it was until when she had to go to Australia to further her educations then she realised how important it was to learn cooking. everyday was macdonalds or microwaved food. EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN DAY. how to live like that ar? so it was no surprised that i received an oversea's call with that little brat crying out to me all the way from Australia.

me: *shocked* "what happened what happened??"

friend: "I have been surviving on hungry jack's and macdonalds and takeaways for one full year i cannot take it anymore!!!!!"

me: "ok. view my chocolate blog tomorrow morning. salvation is here soon for you."

so here's the post. to that poor babe reading this please okay you really need to learn how to cook. here's 2 recipes thats pretty simple and i am very sure you can get these easily in the supermarkets over there.

ABC soup

what you need:

3 Potatoes
2 carrots
1 whole onion
about 500g of spare ribs

salt and pepper for seasoning

what you need to do:

put raw ribs in pot. boil some water with salt and pour over the spare ribs to remove the blood, the pour away the bloody water. do it bout 2 or 3 times to remove as much blood as possible so i reckon you better boil bout 500ml of water with 1 tbsp of salt. ribs should look a little cooked and grey.

fill up the pot with water. probably bout 3/4 of the pot and boil under high heat for bout 15 mins.

while waiting for the water to boil, cut the carrots and onion into chunks. once 15 min pass throw in the carrot and continue to boil till the carrots are quite soft. takes bout another 20 mins. best is let boil as long as you can to release the sweetness of the carrots into the soup.

now, cut up the potatoes in chunks and throw into the pot. continue to boil till the potatoes are just cook. bout another 5+ mins depending on how chunky you cut the potatoes. the bigger chunks the longer they will take.

when potatoes are just cooked, lower the heat and let soup simmer for the last 10 or so min. add in salt and pepper to taste.

*you may wanna add in some canned mushrooms or other known as champions into the soup while adding in the potatoes.

My meatball recipe

what you need:

bout 300g of minced meat. pork chicken beef whatever you like.
8 water chestnut *its the crunch factor of the meatballs so add more if you like*
half of an onion
shitake mushrooms
1 carrot


oyster sauce
brown sugar
sesame oil
pinch of salt

what you need to do:

cut up and cube the shitake mushroom, chestnut, carrot and onion. add into the minced meat and mix well till everything is even. picture doesn't show carrot coz i didn't have carrot that day when i took this picture.

add in the seasonings. i didnt state the amount cause its up to you. my preference would be bout 3-4 tbsp of oyster sauce, 1 tbsp of sugar, lots of pepper, 2-3 tbsp of sesame oil and the pinch of salt. dont add in the cornstarch YET. again mix everything well.

next, add in the cornstarch, preferable bout 2-3 tbsp. if you don't have cornstarch, add in an egg. again mix well.

let meat mixture seat for at least 3 hours or best, overnight. then form into balls using a soup spoon. heat up a frying pan or a pot with bout 1/3 of oil. spoon the balls into the oil and fry, turning them from side to side so that they will be cooked evenly. let each side fry for at least 2 mins. serve with either chili sauce or mayo.

if there's leftovers, just simply freeze them and reheat whenever you wanna eat it. or alternatively, you might wanna cook meatball spaghetti the next day =)

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