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Cinnamon rolls

guys i am back and as promised... the answer for that mysterious bread item is....


now i can't remember if i ever mention this on this blog but...I AM A FREAKING CINNAMON LOVER!!!! i love my coffee with a speck of cinnamon... i loooooove my ginger cookies during christmas to be a bit heavy on cinnamon... and i freaking love cinnamon rolls!

i remember there was this chain store around the island that sells cinnamon rolls. the sticky...doughy...sweet and cinnamonny piece of love. i remember very well that chain store too sells dough sticks which mom called them 'the ang moh you tiao'. they are either chocolate flavored ones or the original vanilla ones and rolled in cinnamon sugar. back then i dont take coffee due to young age and it was PEEEERFECT FOR A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE MAN! but somehow, they just never make appearance anymore. think they disappeared with Dunkin' Donuts but heck, at least Dunkin' Donuts still does its online business now.

i came across this recipe very very long ago actually. but due to me being a damn procrastinator and forever down with something, i did not make it until last week. woke up damn early and thought...hey, why not try something new? something that i have never tried before instead of the boring cookies?

i kindda love making the cinnamon rolls from this particular recipe. yea i am still very new into bread making but the feeling of the dough is very right. it comes together as it should be, it feels really good when kneading the dough and it raises well accordingly to the recipe. i did not wait for extra time neither did i need to worry bout something being wrong with the dough as i have encountered with other bread recipes.

and yes... i've recently adapted the habit of proofing my doughs with a tea towel covered. it kindda makes the skin of the dough moisturised and not dry like when i peel off dried skin from my hands =D

instead of the traditional rolls or snail, i followed how the originator of the recipe and made knots. sigh i wish i could take down pictures of how i did it but then i was alone when making these and with all the sugar running around, i simply got no hands to do it! and of coz, i had some that look like the number '8' and some that look really like some pregnant thing.

like the originator of the recipe, i too face moisture problems when leaving the knots to proof after sugaring them. the knots just begin to sweat like hell even though it was raining heavily outside. i used a japan brand of brown sugar but aye... i guess its not a matter of brands now =(

nonetheless, i went ahead with baking even though the tray was wet. yea sometimes i dont understand what the hell i am doing too so dont laugh ok. i just had a good time scrubbing the carcinogens collected beneath my silicone baking sheet off the tray and damn damn damn me!!! but anyway becoz most of the sugar was melted, i sprinkled some on the knots before they head into the oven.

so lo and behold. yummy cinnamon knots done!!! at first when i saw the recipe saying to bake them at high heat for only 8 minutes, i got skeptical. 8 minute only leh...cooked meh? but surprisingly the knots were rather well done. guess this recipe is much into those authentic dense and chewy breads and the suggested temperature and timing was really just right ( at least for me) if you are looking for something more lighter and fluffier, then perhaps lower down the temperature and bake those babies a bit more longer.

recipe taken from:

Cinnamon Roll

500 gr ap flour
1.1/4 ts salt
1.1/2 ts yeast
300 gr water or 320 gr milk (i used milk and this amount was perfect for me)
75 gr butter
zest of one lemon or - prepared lemon-sugar zest
or - lemon extract, 1 tsp
for rolling: 250 gr dark brown sugar and 2 tbs cinnamon, mixed*

1) make a straight forward dough by mixing everything up, leaving butters last. knead till dough is tender and elastic and ready for proofing.

2) proof the dough for bout 45 mins. need not be neccessarily doubled in size, half way there is fine as the result bread is suppose to be dense and chewy in texture.

3) punch out gas from dough after first proofing and divide doughs into balls of 40-50g. ( i made all 50g and that yields me 18 balls) leave them to rest for 20 mins with a tea towel covered.

4) prepare cinnamon and sugar mixture. just mix both well.

5) okay for shaping wise, i got no ways of showing you how i did it coz i got no pictures. but the above link has provided great instructions with pictures. or alternatively, you may wanna roll out the doughs into ropes, cover the whole thing with the cinnamon sugar and bake them as cinnamon sticks.

6) let the sugared knots/sticks/rolls proof for bout 1 hour or visibly doubled in size. bake @ 250 Degree Celcius for 8 mins.

yummy!!! =D

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Comments: WoooT!! You did it, they look yummy! Thanks for using the recipe, I'm very happy to hear the directions worked out so well. You're right in that these aren't fluffy doughpuffs, they're somewhat denser because of the baking time but that's how they should be. In earlier days they were eaten for breakfast/lunch and dunked in hot chocolate or coffee...

posted by Blogger Baking Soda : November 24, 2008 at 12:56 AM
  wow i didnt know i had a comment! so sorry for the late reply dear. yea i ate mine with coffee and definitely baking them again for christmas =)

posted by Blogger Katherine : November 30, 2008 at 9:40 PM
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