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woah...I WENT MIA AGAIN!!! well as usual i am hectic+lazy+busy+working+enjoying etc etc etc... but i did bake quite alot of things!!!

a white chocolate strawberry and banana cake for a friend's birthday! it was really a last minute thing and the sponge cake recipe that i tried was a majoy flop. but haiya no choice... we need a cake anyhow and white chocolate and strawberries should be able to do the job!!!

another friend's birthday... same date as my father's! this time round there was quite a bit of planning done and we planned to make her an igloo cake! i ventured into fondant again for the 2nd time (hell yes. after such a long time into baking... its only my 2nd time!). i used Wilton ready to use fondant this time and it was definitely a breeze to make all the figurines =)

i used another sponge cake recipe and find that this time round, the cake is a tad too hard and definitely not spongy enough. its more like a butter cake! maybe i should just use a normal vanilla chiffon cake in future...

this is the cake i made for daddy this year!!! i really blame those damn contractors who help built my house kitchen man...all thanks to them, my kitchen floor is actually tilted and hence my oven is also tilted and thats why all the cakes i made are all tilted!!! bloody hell! but anyway this cake is made from the same batter as the igloo cake. both cakes had lemon curd spreaded on the layers and hence makes them lemon cakes! and yea.. i know my piping skills sucks... especially for chinese characters!!! hope dad didn't mind... >_< * yea i made lemon curd and didn't take any picture at all...haha =P

this was baked on my birthday. it was a major flop because i subsitude the coconut milk with normal milk and turns out, the cake was yucky and it collapsed big time like a giant pancake!!!! after i slice it and took a bite, it went straight into the rubbish bin =(

and then... a strawberry chiffon cake! well it was nice but then after cooling, it sank in the middle and i know its the damn oven temperature. haiz i guess i must really bake a few more chiffons man...

ok i know i am caking up this post a bit so... let's not forget the legendary Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

yea made them and brought them to work for all friends at work. been so long since i last made cookies and gosh...how i miss baking cookies! they are yummy and lovely golden brown and full of nutty and chocolaty goody as they always were. so happy! =D

okay anyway. thats all for now. tomorrow i am going to start making mooncakes!!! this year i've purchase a mooncake press mould from Elyn and i can't wait to try it out! not going to cook my own lotus paste this time round as i really got no time. hope the store boughts ones will be fine man *cross fingers*

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